Welcome to Diddu Communications

Whenever I say Diddu to someone, the response is usually either pardon? or how do you spell that?

The next question is, understandably, why?

When my daughter was learning to talk, there was one word that she used all the time – Diddu. If she saw something she liked, usually an animal of some kind, she would shout “Diddu”. If something got her approval, then she would exclaim “Diddu”. If she wanted something she would point and shout…you get the picture.  

While I am sure that phonics teachers would have a field day on our name, the principle didn’t seem a bad one.

Diddu became her word for what she liked and what she wanted to do.

Yes it is a bit cheesy, but when setting up a business I wanted to do something that I liked in a sector that I wanted to be involved in. After 10 years supporting schools and academies, education was my work diddu

You are also constantly told in marketing school that brands are meant to mean something…and what could mean more than your daughter’s first imperfect word!

After a couple of beverages to help my contemplation, Diddu Communications was born.

Diddu is a network more than a business. We are a group of designers, web developers, videographers and marketers who have a similar passion and understanding of the constantly evolving world of education. We work together, but are not tied together – meaning that we can continually develop and enhance our skills while keeping our overheads low.  That means that ultimately we are effective and cost-effective – the two words every head, charity CEO and business owner wants to hear!

So welcome to Diddu. If you want a chat or a coffee then give us a call!